About the Summit

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Gut microbiome science has rapidly advanced knowledge about the mechanisms by which food supports health, and many scientists are zeroing in on gut microbes in their efforts to curb the development and progression of chronic disease. Given the growing number of scientific publications, the time is right for microbiome science to move into the mainstream —toward practical applications in the global food production system.

The Nebraska Food for Health Center (NFHC)has its roots in the long tradition of agricultural innovation by researchers at the University of Nebraska. As the hub for a growing international community of individuals leveraging microbiome science for better human health via innovations in food and agriculture,NFHC is pleased to host its inaugural international event: Agriculture & Health Summit: Cultivating Gut Health at the Crossroads of Food & Medicine.

The event will provide a rare opportunity for individuals with diverse areas of expertise to discuss opportunities and challenges in mitigating disease risk via the gut microbiome and to strategize about working toward solutions in nutrition and medicine.

Join a community of researchers, industry leaders and thought leaders from the biomedical and agricultural sectors to help re-shape the interface between agriculture, food, and medicine in order to reduce the global burden of chronic disease.

Presentations and discussions will focus on these topics:

  • Food for health and why it matters

  • Diet-microbiome interactions for disease prevention and treatment

  • Discovery of microbiome-related biomarkers for improving human health

  • Dietary components and modulation of the gut microbiome Understanding the Opportunities and Barriers to Product Commercialization

  • Substantiation, standardization, and regulatory issues in food for health

  • Strategies for improving crops with the objective of supporting human health

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